Holiday Vacation Rental Theme

Hi there, do you have any plans to make a Holiday Vacation Rental Theme?

You already have a real estate script which I have seen but not tried, all you would have to add to the theme would be an availability calendar. I have a php Holiday Rental script I have bought from someone else but it is too complicated to use, wordpress is the best option. Do you have a theme like this already?

The theme would need lots of options to charge customers for various services like all the ones on your Directory theme, other options would be charge the customer to list for one off fee’s or to able to charge a percentage of a booking if we were to rent out the property for them.

Do you have a theme like this already?

Users who voted on this feature;

steven 1 votes April 26, 2014 7:12 am
Phillip 3 votes April 28, 2014 10:03 am
Mark 1 votes May 16, 2014 9:42 am
David 10 votes June 8, 2014 2:05 am
Liz 10 votes March 14, 2015 1:03 am
1 votes July 31, 2014 11:10 am
Claudia 3 votes October 21, 2014 12:31 pm
Claudia 5 votes June 21, 2015 11:52 am
Calvyn 1 votes September 29, 2015 1:40 am
Christopher 1 votes April 19, 2017 12:09 pm
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