After searching and posting in forum without any luck just see same answer from premiumpress giving link to there designwork.
But maybe this will open there eyes instead of pages with forum post that simple gets ignored.
—————– IDEA —————-
Just like dashboard have – the table with Message / Bids / Won should add other with and Active acution / Sold auction / Expired auction


I think this should have been there as defualt like every other auction site.

————– Tested site ——————————————————-

Had a testing group on my site testing it before launch and we find some things that should be fixed.
But this was 17/20 had hard time where there listing could be found or they did not found where they could see there listings.
And 10/17 sad that my listing need improvement and this made us to wait to launch it because this is what i think a Default function and every auction site and every plugin i tested have it.



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