PLEASE => Additional "Product Types" === "Inquiry Required Product" and "Service or Informational Product"

Hi Guys and Girls,

It would be nice when creating/editing a product to have the additional options under the “Product Type” dropdown box to designate the product as an “Inquiry Required Product”, as well as the additional feature/choice of designating a product as a “Service or Informational Product”. Designating a product as a “Service or Informational Product” would allow you to easily make listings for future/upcoming products, or services, or even products that you just want to show that you carry but might not have prices for yet (maybe even good for people who need to list items for bartering?).

Selecting the “Inquiry Required” product type choice would remove/replace the “add to cart” button under the general (and specific) product listings, and replace it with “Inquire for purchasing” (or your own desired editable text title This would allow people to enter their own custom/specific choices for their button text, such as “Call for Pricing”, “Contact for Purchasing”, etc.

On the specific product pages, the “add-to-cart” button could be replaced by an “Inquire for Purchasing” button that would re-direct people to the contact page INSTEAD of the checkout page.

In short, the people can’t buy the product directly, but instead have to contact you for purchasing. In this way you are able to give wholesalers, professionals, and other interested large-quantity buyers individual/per-basis pricing for certain products without having to disclose/lock-in a certain price on the website.

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Users who voted on this feature;

Alexander 2 votes September 30, 2013 3:20 am
Eric 3 votes January 3, 2014 6:23 am
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