PLEASE==>Ability to create a "custom listing appearance order" for items = insert them in a specific order on their products page

Okay, I forgot to list this feature request this morning, but it’s an important one, so here I go…

You know how when you make your listings for your products page, they appear relative to the order that they were uploaded/listed in? In most cases this isn’t a problem (presuming that you uploaded your products in a logical order that never needs changing), but let’s say that you upload a new product that needs to be “inserted” at a specifically desired point in the listing order- you’re S.O.L.

Mark and the crew seemed to fix this problem once on the homepage (you can choose the specific order that you want your listings to appear in by entering a list of their product numbers- i.e., 350,340,330,320, etc.), but it would be nice to have this feature (especially in upgraded form = visually = done kind of like the menu/category appearance organizer) flow over to the actual product listing display settings for pages other than the homepage.

It could be like a branch structure where you could also change the organizational stacking/listing order to suit your needs. This listing appearance organizer could be activated to popup when clicking a new option in the “search/listing page” options called “custom display order”.

I’ve tried to better explain this in the included picture files…

Homepage Listing Order Example.jpg
Custom Post Order Menu Mockup.jpg
Custom Display Order Option.jpg

Users who voted on this feature;

Eric 4 votes January 3, 2014 6:24 am
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