Shortcode link/button for renewal directly into the email system sends to customers

As I stated on the forum:

A shortcode that you can insert into any renewal email that the system automatically sends, that allows your users to renew a listing directly from the email (provided they are logged in into their account in the default browser they use – if they are not they should be forwarded to the login page of your website)
Also when I say renew I don’t mean only to put another 30 days or so to the listing expiry date, but also to move that particular listing post date to now()… all the big listing websites do this, because they want to have a dynamical first page where they can let users renew (not only prolongue the add) listings on the fly. That has a big impact on the website and I still don’t understand why your concept hadn’t included this after so many years of development.
Also, if you are a starting website, this technique can help you grow much faster, because nowadays users don’t want to stay and learn how to do things, they have to be provided with everything on spot. You have an email, so why not using it not only for noticing people about the expiration, but also for providing them with the means to do it on the fly.
Personally, here in Romania, we cannot compete with the big websites that have this technique implemented into their website, even if they have uglier looking websites than we do. Every user want’s to have their listing in front, so if the website provides that fast, they have about hundred of thousands of visitors every week, we only have hundreds. Yes, let’s say publicity does much, but also the easiness of use makes someone come back into your website. After almost 2 years of using your product, we can surely say this point made us loose lots of users and traffic. Would you take this into account, or should we move to another framework and rebuild our website from scratches?
Thank you.

Attached you will find an .jpg that contains a part from an email that I got from the competitors, the first button is “My account”, the second is “Renew all my listings”, and they both work for years now…


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